Saturday, 23 April 2016

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Senate President Replies Dele Momodu ‘s Candid Advice By Bukola Saraki My
dear brother Dele, let me thank you most sincerely for your article last weekend,
“My Candid Letter to Saraki.” I take everything you said in that article to heart and
I must commend you for your candidness indeed and the sincerity of your intentions.
As you said in your article, you are someone I have known more by reputation than by
any personal relationship, until recently when we struck up some personal acquaintance
based on our shared political interests, especially during the last presidential election.
However, I understand why you had to sound so defensive for knowing me at all and had
to publicly map the boundaries of our relationship. We have got to that point in our
country when we no longer believe that anyone could stand for anything based on
principles and convictions alone. Moreover, in the growing culture of media crucifixion
and presumed guilt;
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