Tuesday, 24 May 2016

AY, Seyilaw & Elenu join Peak in nourishing Nigerians

Small things can indeed have great impact and this is evident from Peak Milk, Nigeria’s Number 1 milk. With the Peak Wazobia Pack, Peak Milk is committed to providing and making accessible quality dairy nutrition at an affordable price in spite of the economic situation in the country.

Peak Wazobia Pack was introduced to make Rich & Creamy Peak evaporated milk, accessible to all Nigeria. Whether we live in towns or villages, or we work in offices or study in schools, North or South, East or West, we all need complete and quality nutrition.

That is the Peak Wazobia story; accessibility to quality nutrition. In a bid to reaffirm its position as a brand to beat to consumers, Peak Wazobia has strategically chosen a delivery medium that effectively dramatizes the importance of Quality over Quantity.

The series of skits which features award-winning comedians Ay, Seyilaw and Elenu pits Peak Wazobia against other milk brands with the creative finesse that can only be showcased when you put AY, Seyilaw and Elenu in the same room.

Peak believes Nigerians should never settle for less; we are resilient people; and in our pursuit of excellence in our day to day lives, we shouldn’t compromise especially on the quality especially that of our food. This is an equally important part of healthy living.

We must continually strive for quality instead of accepting lowering our standards or expectations because of the challenges that face us. This is the recipe for success--- build a worthy life never settling for less and you’ll Definitely REACH YOUR PEAK