Sunday, 8 May 2016

Decommissioned Boeing 767 sets sail across Irish sea|| Watch Video

Irish entrepreneur David McGowan had a decommissioned Boeing 767 sent across the Irish sea on a cargo barge. When the plane arrives in Eniscrone from Shannon, it will become a part of McGowan's "glamping" resort which features buses, trains and other forms of transportation as accommodations. Screen capture/Shannon Airport/YouTube
ENISCRONE, Ireland, May 7 (UPI) -- A decommissioned Boeing 767 began a strange journey to its new home as it floats atop a cargo barge on the Irish sea.
Ireland's Shannon airport shared video of the 159 foot-long vessel as it made it's journey across open waters to Eniscrone. Upon it's arrival, the plane known as "the big yoke" will become a fixture at a "glamping" resort owned by entrepreneur David McGowan.
McGowan's glamping, or glamour camping, resort will feature the jet and other forms of transportation such as buses, taxis and a train transformed into living accommodations for visitors.
Hundreds of onlookers awaited the plane's arrival in Eniscrone and the plane's unusual journey inspired the Twitter hashtag #Planesailing.
According to McGowan, the plane's landing was delayed by rough sea conditions on Saturday morning.
A line was placed around the boat which may later be attached to diggers on shore if the ship needs to be pulled onto land.
Shannon Airport property manager Deirdre Whitney told Sky News that the airport was happy to provide McGowan with the plane despite the unusual method of transporting it.
"I certainly never thought I would see the day when an aircraft would be put on a barge and set sail out the estuary," she said. "David McGowan's enthusiasm was infectious and we were delighted to be on hand to support him every step of the way with this unique project."