Friday, 24 June 2016

Not just about who is in power - Everything has gone wrong with Nigeria as an entity

A king that transformed a jungle to a city will forever be remembered. At the same time, a king that turned a city into jungle forever would not be forgotten. The is no way we will talk about the state of things in a nation without looking at those handling the affairs of the nation. It does not start or end with the present government but as an entity, everything is in bad shape in Nigeria especially the heart and thoughts of the people that make up the Nation.
The way things are going, it is obvious that many nations are likely to emerge from Nigeria. When the histories of such nations that were hitherto Nigeria would be written, one name that would be scrolled in bold prints is President Muhammadu Buhari for presiding and writing the epitaph of once a country.

The prophetic book “There was a country”

In this vein, “There was a country,” the last book of the late literary icon, Prof Chinua Achebe, becomes prophetic. When in the early 2000, it was alleged that the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had predicted that Nigeria would fragment in 2015, there was palpable tension in the country, especially in the face of the general elections that generated so much acrimony and hatred and the country was polarised along ethnic and religious divides. The elections came and have gone, with many heaving sighs of relief believing the worst was over.

The state of things today is apprehensive and people are living in fear.

Is the present government interested in the unity of the country? A big question that needs an urgent answer.

--Excerpts from Brady Nwosu's views on how President Muhammadu Buhari is writing the epitaph of once a country.